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Photographer in a Photoshoot

Take your shoot to the

next level with a distinctive personalized look.

Wedding Day

Complete your special day with the perfect look to compliment such a momentous occasion.


Tavia J is the perfect makeup

artist to create a personalized

look for your event.


Take the Runway by

storm with a brilliant and

professional look.


Are you unsure of the best products to utilize to create the right look?

Book Tavia J.

Airbrush Makeup Application

Allow Tavia J to inspire and teach you. This is a makeup class that teaches makeup skills in combination with motivational talks.

Fixing the Bow

Book Tavia J for your

appearances and keep your

Man Card.

Talk Show Set

Book Tavia J for professional

makeup services for any

television appearance.

Microphone Closeup

Become more proficient and

confident at completing your

look with Tavia J.

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